The attendees of the 2nd World Congress of Médicos Pela Vida / World Council for Health, freely state the following:

  1. The current SARS-COV2 pandemic (hereinafter, the pandemic) has been incorrectly addressed by health entities (both international and national, public and private).
  2. The motivations for the above remain unclear, and should be the subject of a thorough investigation, in the medico-legal aspects and their social implications.
  3. The installation of fear -used as a persuasive tool- followed by strict, prolonged and ineffective confinements, only produced poverty, despair, mental disorders, violating the most basic regulations of freedom, and producing more damage than the pathology itself.
  4. A large majority of the media were the architects in the installation of the collective psychosis, and the reasons that prompted it should be investigated in depth from the ethical and legal aspects.
  5. From the first moment of the pandemic, the behavior of the SARS COV2 virus was associated (due to taxonomic and physiopathogenic coincidences) with other already known pathologies, adapting physiopathogenic substrate therapeutics for this purpose . However, none of these measures were applied.
  6. Early treatment – the basis of all medical measures centered on the individual – was described and published from the beginning of the pandemic, with various effective, safe, economically accessible drugs. These treatments were avoided and discarded, and their researchers were intimidated, ridiculed, and warned of possible “punishments”, in certain cases carried out.
  7. Even the voices of alarm from eminent scientists -among them two Nobel Prize winners- and other outstanding Specialists in the area of Health, were silenced in social and journalistic networks, managed by people whose expertise in Medicine was little or none.
  8. Instead, the advice and indications of self-proclaimed “experts” in SARS COV2, and CEOs of the pharmaceutical industry, the former with an obvious relationship with the latter, were followed.
  9. Interdisciplinary Professionals , who understood the issue referred to the measures to be adopted, imposing the obligation to accept norms without a clear origin, dictated internationally (with and come), from the shadows, since they did not present supporting scientific-technical documentation .
  10. These prejudices divided the Medical Community into three groups: those who diligently assisted their patients, putting their own lives and those of their relatives at risk; those that followed the regulations derived from the mandates given by scientific entities included in points 8 and 9; and a small group of Professionals who applied the Hippocratic Oath and scientific critical thinking , trying to lavish themselves with the best of their art and science, for the benefit of their patients.
  11. The first and second groups mentioned above – very different from each other, due to the behavior evidenced – made a common mistake, by not applying some of the basic principles of Medicine, based -to a great extent- on Logic and experience.
  12. The second group, “passive group”, incurred in a patient abandonment, waiting for the progression of the disease and thus losing the opportunity for early treatment, being reprehensible from the ethical point of view, and possibly punishable from the legal point of view, since existing medications could have been used with informed consent.
  13. The mass media, and some social networks, were essential in the propaganda of these behaviors previously listed.
  14. As a result of all of the above, the pharmaceutical industry justified – as a fundamental point for the prevention and moderation of individuals – the massive application of the so-called experimental vaccines, supported by medical-sanitary entities (national and international), basing their actions without a informed consent (even of minors), in an unconsulted, biased and fallacious handling of Biostatistics , in relation to results and complications.
  15. Through the media -supported by health entities and sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry- the voices that denounced negative aspects of said inoculations (ineffectiveness, dangerous side effects, etc.) were ignored, without taking into account to whom it was exposed. to these procedures.
  16. The actions listed in the preceding points produced greater medical and social damage than the virus itself, an action that can be compared to genocide, and qualified as such. The violation of Basic Human Rights, and the loss of individual freedoms, added a tint of darkness and shame to the Dantesque picture above.
  17. Notwithstanding the negative connotations of the preceding points, the attendees – on behalf of the outstanding Entities that bring them together and also in a personal capacity – wish to make public their support and empathy for the Health Professionals who did their best, with the tools provided by critical thinking, permanent study, experience and the unwavering will to fulfill their Oath, and towards the victims of the pandemic (both of the disease itself and of the arbitrary behaviors taken worldwide). To this end, the attendees undertake to continue fighting in favor of Colleagues, patients, and the Community in general and – at the same time – to continue contributing their wisdom to the ultimate consequences.
  18. We urge that legal and administrative accountability be promoted in all countries, against all those responsible for this catastrophe, so that those affected by the pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as professionals who are persecuted labor and morally, receive fair compensation so that these crimes will never be repeated in the world.
  19. Medical autonomy is the very essence of medicine, being inalienable and unassailable.
  20. Patients’ rights are guaranteed in the Declaration of Human and Citizen Rights, Declaration of Helsinki and other international treaties. Therefore, these rights must be respected in their entirety. Access to medicines needs to be materialized through their availability by those entitled to their best benefit.
  21. Governments, public and private authorities need to take into account all available scientific data, repudiating directions to narrow interests, and also listen to independent medical and scientific institutions and experts, outside the established bureaucracy, that can assist in the most appropriate choices.
  22. The attendees endorse the position of the World Council for Health that guides the immediate suspension of the application of experimental injections wrongly called Covid19 vaccines.
  23. There is a need to urgently implement, worldwide, honest mapping of vaccine side effects, and research treatments for these side effects without sabotage if the treatments are with cheap, generic, off-patent drugs. The approach against chronic Covid should be similar.
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